The Steel Jaw Trap

The steel-jaw trap snapped shut on the Jew’s ankle;
Biting pain as breath hissed through maimed quietude!
The Jew accused the trap of anti-Semitism, but
No relief came breezing in; the jaws, rigid
And intractable, remained tightly shut.

Jewish lobbies attempted to buy off the trap,
But this had no effect either, for the trap had no interest
In money, which in any event had lost its value
All of a sudden like a
Bolt of thunder;

The Jews at this point began censoring all
Those who voiced support for the trap, but live running
Tallies followed each act of censorship,
And the trap’s hold on the Jew’s leg
Tightened and intensified;

A Jewish doctor attempted to free the Jew
By amputating the leg, but the doctor hadn’t bothered
To sterilize his surgical equipment; gangrene set in,
And the Jew accused the gangrene
Microbes of anti-Semitism;

The ghosts of murdered Palestinian children, singing
A celestial-voiced song of genuineness, appeared in a circle
As the Jew’s mouth lapsed open; the trap, feeling
Consecrated by the song, maintained its hold
Upon the wasting flesh of the Jew’s leg.