The Death Star

Lies lies,
A sky full of them
All the lies fit to print;
Insanity loop,
Saint Rainhart going over the fence,
Eshinuel Jangle.
The Pharisees are like a death star.
Killing whole cultures.
Killing love and life on the planet.
In autumn leaves turn the
Color of Jews,
In winter, lit menorahs get
Parked on the White House lawn
While nativity scenes are banned;
Geoengineered sprays
Criss-cross the sky
Like TV commercials…
Jewish dandruff…
Spring comes,
Flowers bloom the color of Jews,
Lies lies,
A sky full of them
All the lies fit to print.
Another insanity loop in
The Jewish media.
Saint Rainhart goes over the fence again.
Summer arrives.
The death star
Gears up for the next war,
Toyota cavalcades with guns the
Color of Jews.

“But am I the one they are provoking?”
Asks the much-angered God of Jeremiah.
“Are they not
Rather harming themselves, to
Their own shame?”

Yes, yes, of course they are harming themselves,
Yes, yes, of course it is to their own shame.

But let us not forget the corpses.
Piled now as high as the heavens.

And I saw heaven opened
And behold a white horse, and
He that sat upon it was called
Faithful and True.