And With Poison Keep Going

The hole in reality where the words of liars seep through,
Walking to the edge of another cliff on this visible sleepless night
Two cents for tomatoes that aren’t genetic abominations
Good old Death, whatever happened to you?

Ten sacrifices and one pandemic later you find yourself
On the same street, with love on slippery thinness,
In a company of blind persons, who can see only the hole in reality
Where the words of liars seep through—not the reality itself.

In the labor room the child was stillborn.
You tear the cloth with your hands and smear the ashes on your forehead
As an artist picks up a brush to paint an outside world
With a sky the color of bloodroot.

Twinkle twinkle little star
Mossad 9/11 is what you are.
The toxic fumes of presidential signing statements
Hover overhead as the vampire press secretary

Rises from his coffin to issue another statement to the media,
The glycerin-perfumed traitors in government wearing
Necklaces strung with the gonads of the gullible.
If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure and wear a nightshade in your hair.

Then the final liberation of all blessings—
With a snarl on her lips, the UN ambassador
Stands up and condemns the remaining soap powders of sanity
As the war begins and we start euthanizing the cockapoos and the children.

Solipsism becomes the new cornerstone.
We vacate the pews of the once-holy Church,
Better to go down to the neighborhood bar and
Toss back a ketamine on the rocks,

Goodbye Joe, me gotta go—
Road dreamers and sparrow losers who carry in their pockets
The keys to nothingness as they head down south, but
The serpent has already been there and left a non-fluid portion of its venom.

Dust fills the air, but watch out because the orangutan is loaded with ricin.
A formaldehyde of weariness settles over you,
But don’t damage the treacle sink,
And with poison keep going.