This poem is about the cataclysmic upheaval that the world seems headed toward at present. In its most basic and literal sense, you have a mother offering words of love and encouragement to her children, although the children, peculiarly, seem to be named after all the colors of the rainbow. On a slightly different level, the poem could be thought of as an allegory, with the mother becoming the Earth herself—saying goodbye to her children and wishing them well.

God the Father, Earth the Mother, and their blessed children

Blessed Children of the Sweet Mother

Come to me Little Red Angel, and I will hold you so tight;
The song of praise will be the song we listen to tonight;
Know this, Little Green Angel, you will find truth in time
In the forests, hills, meadows, and mountains you climb

Come come, Sienna Angel, you need feel no shame,
For the fault is not yours, and love is not rain,
And the chariots and the scimitars and the flashing swords
Only graze you when you let them or give ear their discord;

My Cerulean Angel, you are a young brook that runs swift,
I want you to know only—my heart is your gift;
Go and gather your berries. Never fail to know
That acumen awaits you where the tall cedars grow.

Take a look, Coral Angel, at the bottom of the sea,
Where armed with two tusks made of emerald ivory—
A man, King of History, with strength and great might
Comes close to the shore for to guard us tonight.

And you, Magenta Angel—the coyote in the sand,
Aloof—alone—no quarrel—no demand.
No taste of death could ever make you believe
That life was worth living or that love wouldn’t leave,

But still, still, your heart beats in its mystery play,
Deviating with agility—and Amen I say!
And what of you, Russet Angel, indestructible and coy,
My striver, high-fiver, you are God’s little boy.

Come with me, Wisteria Angel, with your hieroglyphic eyes,
Much to read there, I’ve learned, and given time you’d grow wise;
Take my hand, Yellow Angel, it longs for yours so,
The burning fire draws closer—much closer than we know.

So said this sweet mother to her children so dear
As the time drew nigh and heaven’s sun shone clear,
Prepare a remedy, be faithful, walk in truth and rectitude—
Last thoughts for her that night as the stars darkness wooed.